Задание 6. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном изследующих времен: Present, Past, Future Simple — Present, Past Continuous. Look at these c

Задание 6.  Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из
следующих времен:
Past, Future Simple; Present, Past Continuous.


1. Look at these children: they (to skate) very well.

2. You (to skate) last Sunday? — Yes, we (to skate) the whole day last
Sunday. We (to skate) again next Sunday.

3. My brother can skate very well. He (to skate) every Sunday. 4. What
you (to do) now? — I (to wash) the dishes.

5. What you (to do) at three o'clock yesterday? — I (to have) din­ner.

6. You (to have) dinner now?

7. Where your brother (to work)? — He (to work) at an institute.

8. Your grandmother (to sleep) when you (to come) home yesterday?

9. What your brother (to do) to­morrow?

10. I (not to go) to the shop
yesterday. I (to go) to the shop tomorrow

  • 1/are skating
    2/ did you skate/ we skated/will skate
    3/ skates/
    4/what are you doing now/ i am washing
    5/ what did you do... I had
    6/are you having dinner now
    7/where does your brother work/ he works
    8/ did your grandmother sleep...... you came
    9/what will your brother do tomorrow
    10/I did not go/ I will go
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