Упр. 217. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла­голы в ^ Past Simple, Past Continuous и Past Perfect. I to sit in an armchair and to think of rny coming

Упр. 217. Раскройте скобки, употребляя гла­голы в ^ Past Simple, Past Continuous и Past Perfect.

1. I (to sit) in an armchair and (to think) of rny coming trip across the North Sea when the door suddenly (to open) and an old friend of mine whom I (not to see) for a very long time (to enter) the room. 2. She (to come) to see us just at the time when we (to have) dinner. It (to be) the first time I (to see) her. 3. I (to see) him just as he (to leave) the hotel. 4. I (not to see) him before we (to meet) at the concert. 5. He (to leave) the house before I (to have) time to ask him anything. 6. He (to tell) me he (to learn) it from the newspaper. 7. He (to enter) the room, (to take) something from the desk and (to go) out. 8. There (to be) two men in the room. One of them (to write) something while the other (to read) a newspaper. 9. He (not to tell) me that he (to receive) a telegram from her. 10. I (to ask) him if he (to know) where she (to live). I (to say) I (not to know) her address. 11. He (to ask) me if I (can) give him your address. 12. She (to say) that he (to give) her the wrong address. 13. I (to ask) him where he (to put) my letter. 14. He (to tell) us that they (to spend) all the money. 15. After spending several days in Paris he (to feel) lonely and (to want) to return home. 16. I (to think) he already (to go) home. 17. I (to find) the old man in the garden. He (to talk) to some chil­dren who (to stand) around listening to him. 18. He (to speak) a language we never (to hear) before.

  • 1. I sat in an armchair and thought of my coming trip across the North Sea when the door suddenly opened and an old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for a very long timeentered the room. - Я сидел в кресле и думал о своей предстоящей поездкt через Северное море, когда дверь внезапно открылась, и мой старый друг, которого я не видел уже очень давно вошел в комнату.2. She came to see us just at the time when we were having dinner. It was the first time I had seen her.- Она пришла к нам как раз в то время, когда у нас был обед. Это был первый раз, когда я видел ее.3. I  saw him just as he was leaving the hotel. - Я видел его, когда он выходил из отеля.4. I had not seen him before we met at the concert.- Я не видел его до того, как мы встретились на концерте.5. He had left the house before I had time to ask him anything. - Он вышел из дома прежде, чем я успел спросить его о чем-нибудь.6. He told me he had learned it from the newspaper. - Он сказал мне, что он узнал об этом из газеты.7. He  entered the room, took something from the desk and went out.- Он вошел в комнату, взял что-то со стола и вышел.8. There were two men in the room. One of them was writing something while the otherwas reading a newspaper. - В комнате было два человека. Один из них что-то писал, а другой читал газету.9. He didn't tell me that he had received a telegram from her. -  Он не сказал мне, что получил телеграмму от нее.