Топик на тему: «Моё хобби»Я увлекаюсь музыкой, и сериалами

Топик на тему: "Моё хобби"

Я увлекаюсь музыкой, и сериалами

  •                                       My hobbies
    hobbies is a very useful thing in our society(общество). it can be really funny and interesting. it is a very good activity on your free time, on vacations...
    Some people collect masks, some people collect dolls, and some are fond of travelling
    and visit different contries, some people are fond of taiking pictures, and some are fond of painting...
    Now i want to tell you about my hobbies. they are: listening to music and watching serials. I like to listen different kinds of music, like pop music, rock-n-roll, electric, but i thing that the classic music is really boring...
     Also i like to watch serials. My favourite serial is .......( впиши свой любимый) 
    It is about........( о чем он), I like to watch it in the evenings with a cup of tea, before I go to bed. And what is your favourite(любимое) hobby? =) 
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