Текст на аглийском про ярослава мудрого

текст на аглийском про ярослава мудрого

  • Yaroslav (Wise) (c. 978-1054 ) - Grand Prince of Kiev in 1019, the son of Vladimir I of the Holy . In his youth, was in charge of the Rostov ground, where he founded the city of Yaroslavl ( 1010 ) , and then Veliky Novgorod . In 1015-1019 years. waged a bitter struggle for the throne of Kiev Svyatopolk the Accursed . After the expulsion Svjatopolka split along the Dnieper River State with his brother Mstislav ( 1026 ) . After the death of Mstislav reunited Rus ( 1036 ) . Had dynastic ties with many countries in Europe . Defeated Pechenegs near Kiev ( 1036 ) . He is credited with composing Russian Pravda . If it were built Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Golden Gate, originated Caves Monastery . Metropolitan of Kiev was elected Russian nationality Hilarion . Collected books and opened schools . Was buried in a marble tomb in the Cathedral of St. Sophia . The inscription on the wall of this temple is named Cesar.
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