Сочинение на английском «наше время»плюсы и минусы

сочинение на английском "наше время"плюсы и минусы

  • In our modern world, full of bustle, haste, information, crises, has its heroes. They're not reported on TV, they do not hang medals on his chest. These are just simple people, who live according to their conscience.

    Such heroes quite a lot among us: look and you will see someone intelligent eyes, hear a kind word. Every day we expect any case, we all somewhere in a hurry, hurry, not noticing anything around, but sometimes it is good to look around. Sometimes you fall on the ice, someone will rise, so to say, «to offer a helping hand»- here he is, hero, thank you! And some will pass by because we and the cares fully...
    How you treat others, and they will treat you.

    But the real hero will not wait for the praise, he goes further, and upon all his smile, to meet the challenges and victories. Victories, rather, above itself: over the laziness that sometimes comes as a wave, and carries on the sofa, TV; above his egoism, which from time to time makes you think only about themselves, ignoring the needs of others. Yes, all this is peculiar and hero of our time, the only difference is that he is able to overcome our weaknesses and go on to your objective.

    I think that a hero of our time is a person who works for the good of society, that is, he loves his job and given her completely, all the time he wants something: he lives, seeing a goal. Let our hero is not a Director, not the head, and just a worker, a kindergarten teacher, a teacher, a doctor, and т.д.Но he does his job professionally, recklessly, interestedly. It is heroism in our time, be dedicated, passionate about them.

    I think that the hero of our time believe in the future of their country and, of course, takes close to heart troubles of others, strangers. These qualities allow simple man still exist in our Russian society. And this is not a sign of courage and heroism - remain a man, no matter what difficulties?
    Is it possible for me and like me to become the heroes of our time? I think, Yes. If we understand that we only live alone and it must be so proud of our parents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, then the whole country will be heroic, what it was during the great Patriotic war.

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