Розпорядок дня свій

Розпорядок дня свій.

  • 1. I get up at 7.00 іn the morning.
    Do exercises and go take a cold shower. 7.10-7.25
    3.Сover the bed and I'm eating. 7.30-7.45.
    4.Quickly get dressed and go to school. 7.50-8.05
    5.Oh no, school... 8.30-14.00
    6.Go in my home. 14.30
    Сhange into other clothes, and I'm eating. 14.40-15.05
    Do my homework. 15.10-15.55
    9.Play on the yard. 16.00-17.30
    10.Dine and gather bag to school tomorrow. 17.40-18.40.
    11.See TV. 19.00-20.40
    Wash and go to bed. 21.21-30
    Це все

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