Roles as men and women start when we are born and there will always be male and female jobs in any society. сочинение написать, с английскими

Roles as men and women start when we are born and there will always be male and female jobs in any society. Помогите сочинение написать,с английскими большие проблемы!

  • Since ancient times, the problem of relationship between a man and a woman solved by national traditions, education , religion and the like . And as if life itself tells you how to draft these relationships. The woman always kept the house and children. A man had to purchase food for each day. And a century passed , and everything is much more complicated . Now she does not limit its activities only family. It aims to make scientific career employee , leader, and often she did it no worse than a man. It turned out that the modern woman can not only be a fairy , educated , enlightened , but also capable of performing a traditionally male job intellectually, and in some cases it was more restrained , diplomatic, and at the same time more focused. It would seem that this should only be glad . Yet serious questions remain . After all, the woman was and is a majestic role - to give birth and raise children.
    Men do not take the time to lean , even because they could do to help a woman - in the home , in the education of children. And the modern woman , who decided to work has appeared in quite a quandary : it works both at work and at home working, and the children on her conscience and shoulders. Men mind : to pay for everything , for career and personal fulfillment , too . So so can only speculate aloof cold mind . In life, this contradiction has a solution. It is in the sphere of human relations of those united in the family sincere love . Then disappear miserable calculations , but who once walked for groceries, cleaning up or taking out the trash . Do idyll possible ? Unfortunately, not so often. Perhaps we should be more than a decade to rebuild the traditional roles of men and women in society and in the family. And there is always , or in need! Pretty listen to the idea of women who believe the ultimate goal of his life worthy education of children in the family , the creation of family comfort and peace. It's not easy. And along the way a woman has to not only obey and suffer , but to be consistent , patient and persistent .
    The woman has always been a family Bereginja fire , the soul of the family. So either have to give up this role? Every woman knows that without family, without love, life without children , even the most successful woman is empty. Happiness - it's a very complicated concept , but their parts are always belonged to the seed . So, every woman and every man in the community to make their own choices. But keep in mind that this choice will finally depend not only on the lives of two people, but the whole life on earth.
    Mum's the word , my mother's lullaby - our first acquaintance with the subconscious Motherland . After all, the parent begins threshold native land . White house , white shirt ... This represented an indispensable national omen , as white - it is a symbol of purity and beauty of soul . White towels decorated the house , a towel with white embroidered mother of his child Stel track to distant worlds . As a long-standing national traditions are intertwined with modernity.
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