Ребятки, составить 10-12 предложений по этой картине? как бы рассказ заранее

Ребятки, помогите пожалуйста составить 10-12 предложений по этой картине? (как бы рассказ) заранее спасибо)

  • This is a beautiful landscape.It shows large trees.the sun goes overseas.trail runs along the river.trees almost yellow.autumn comes.I like autum because its very beautuful time.on the other side one can see the white trees.I liked this landscape.and you?
  • i want to describe a picture calls "...". It belongs to the brush  of..( name of the artist).It is still life.
    On this picture i can see autumn, lake or a river. I gess that this picture was painted with using oil paints or tempera, and the artist used cold colours such as blue,grey, green, and less warm colours- yellow,brown , oxra.On the background we can see a horizon, grey sky with clouds and some bushes.
    From my point of view, this work produce calm, sad feelings.
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