Проект. Тема: Моё путешествие. нужно ответить на такие вопросы в проекте:Ты предпочитаешь путешествовать с семьей или друзьями?Нравится ли тебе путе

Тема: Моё путешествие.
нужно ответить на такие вопросы в проекте:
1.Ты предпочитаешь путешествовать с семьей или друзьями?
2.Нравится ли тебе путешествовать?
3.Когда вы путешествовали последний раз?
4.Опишите это путешествие.
5.Что интересного вы видели?
6.Вы путешествовали сами или с гидом?
7.Сколько денег затратили на путевку?
Можно конечно и приврать хд 😀
но очень нужно написать проект по этому плану!

  • Modern life is impossible without traveling. Primarily in big cities, most of us every day of travel to school, an office, a factory. For some to get from home to work is a real journey. They go by metro, change to bus or take a taxi. From time to time we have to travel to another city or country on business. After a year of work, people leave, and they don't like to spend it at home.
    Millions of people around the world spend their holidays traveling. They do travel to see other countries and continents, modern cities and the ruins of ancient cities, to enjoy picturesque landscapes or just for a change of scene. Always interested in discovering new, to see how varied life, meet new people, to try different food, to hear unusual musical rhythms.
    Those who live outside the city, like to go to the big city and spend their time visiting museums and art galleries, looking at shop Windows and dining at exotic restaurants. City dwellers usually like a quiet holiday by the sea or in the mountains, when you do not need to do nothing but walk, swim and laze, lounging on the beach.
    Those who plan a trip for business or pleasure, have at their disposal various means of transport. If you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, it is best to travel by plane. It is best to book your tickets in advance. On the appointed day you go to the airport by car. Soon you sit in a big airliner, and he will take you to the new lands. Ahead, in the cockpit, are the pilot and crew. Passengers can sit back in the comfortable armchairs. In the back of the aircraft - the little kitchen, where flight attendants cook. Finally we take off for a few minutes and the voice of the pilot tells us what is flying height. Sometimes you can see the earth. She looks like a map. Our plane is expected to arrive in eight hours. Time passes quickly. The plane arrives at the airport in time.
    Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but at the train advantages. In the train you see it all the time surrounding landscapes, so that you don't just get to your vacation, your vacation has already started. To train trip was successful, you must book your tickets in advance. When the day comes to your departure, you go to the station, which is usually located closer to home than the airport. Porter helps you with the Luggage. You go in the car and discover the top or bottom shelf (bed) you in the compartment. Each compartment has a window, buffet, special boxes for Luggage and four beds.
    By sea usually travel by those who are going on holiday and want to make a pleasant trip. On Board of large cruise ship people cross the oceans and visit other countries. The ship comes next in different ports, and passengers on shore, to make a tour. Crossing the ocean - is a great and long journey, when the giant waves around you, and you have a four-deck liner. The only drawback is seasick, so that before the trip is to find out whether you suffer from it.
    Many prefer to travel by car. Traveling thus, you can explore the city, through which is your route. The biggest advantage of the trip is that you can stop wherever you want and do not depend neither on a schedule. You go from the door of his home and choose the road which you like more.
    Bus tours are inexpensive and are very popular. Their plan as a holiday, since it is possible to see many attractions and at the same time a good rest.
    The cheapest and one of the most popular types of travel - Hiking. For the nature lover, this is always a good opportunity of direct communication with her. Walking through the forest or along the river, lazing on the Bank of a forest lake or climbing a mountain, you feel a part of nature.
    All modes of transport have their advantages and disadvantages. People choose what suits their plans and capacities. Traveling, we can see and learn much that would never have seen and have not learned at home.