Пожалуста напешіть мені текс з англійського на тему «The best day of my life»

пожалуста напешіть мені текс з англійського на тему "The best day of my life"

  • the best day of my life. I got up in the morning and went for a walk with friends. we ate ice cream and walked through the Park. later I met with Joni. It's a great guy. We communicate with him every day. We are best friends. This was the best day of my life.
  • My very first best day - the day I was born.

    Outside the window, there was a spring in full swing: blooming gardens, green with grass, the birds were singing. I am at this time basking in the abdomen mom, to my heart. I could hear my father's guitar, he felt a gentle touch of fingers to his mother when she tried to calm me razbuyanevshegosya, stroking her belly ... And then came my turn: at nine thirty-five, when the city woke up at first light, I was born. I have no words to describe how happy I was. I - "God-given"! I was born!

    And flowed everyday routine. I grew up, went to kindergarten, to school. Yes, yes, yes!School years - the most wonderful years samie better days! But one day, her parents divorced. Whether it was the best day for me? Yes, and it was the best day: out of arguments and recriminations, parents were friends ... At the weekend I'm meeting with my father, I spend time with him in the woods, fishing in the country. I was friends with his new family. My mother married a second time and be happy. I'm happy with them ...

    When I was even happier? When I first fell in love! Yes, and it was also the best day of my life! I met her in the crowd, snatched vzgyad her blue eyes, and was smitten. Spot. I realized I was in love ... We walked together, went to concerts, went on nature, and I was so happy at the time ...

    You ask, and as of now, there is now the best day? But he is always there when you live with a loved one next to you when your true friends when you just woke up and, stretching himself, saying: "Zdravstuy, a new day, I woke up and I'm happy