Напишите рассказ10 предложений на английском языке на тему «Школьная форма моей мечты»

Напишите рассказ(10 предложений) на английском языке на тему "Школьная форма моей мечты"

  • In many schools pupils have to wear uniform. School uniform, on my opinion, should also be the fashionable. Each student wears it most of the year. At the same time, it should be durable and comfortable. Colors should be easily soiled. It also have a certain strictness and set to a serious mood.In our school uniform was introduced two years ago. Since then all the students wear it. I also have school uniform. In warm months I wear a white blouse and checkered skirt. Also I wear gray jacket. In winter it would be cold in such clothes. Therefore, I wear a light gray dress. When it is very cold I wear black pants and blouse. Boys uniform consists of a gray jacket, white shirt and black trousers. In winter they wear under the jacket checkered vest.School uniform has pros and cons. It unites students. Besides, I always know what to wear to school in the morning. From other hand, it bothers. Because every day you have to wear the same thing.
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