! Написать письмо на английськом про ОДНОГО находящего под угрозой ищезновения видов жівотних !

Срочно помогите ! Написать письмо на английськом про ОДНОГО находящего под угрозой ищезновения видов жівотних !!!!

  • Muskrat - a creature of the order Insectivora . This view - narrow endemic in Eastern Europe, its range covers mainly mainly pools Urals , Volga, Don and the Dnieper . Muskrat is a semi-aquatic lifestyle , preferring floodplain oxbow lakes and small forest river with a quiet passage . She settles in burrows and preys on molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates.
    Due to the perfect silky fur muskrat subjected to mass killings . The first ban on its production was introduced in Russia in 1920 and operated until 1933 . Then fishery expanded , but in 1970 again completely banned . However, it did not save the view as in recent decades XXcen . in connection with the reclamation began to destroy floodplains of small rivers . Use of fertilizers , fishing nets also adversely affected the number of muskrats .
    For the protection of rare species was organized four reserves and over 40 sanctuaries . The work on the resettlement of animals sanctuaries to their former habitat. All these measures helped to partially restore the muskrat population .