Formthe adverbs from the following adjectives by adding suffix – ly. Translate theminto Russian:Shaky, rosy, greedy, clumsy, busy, pretty, happy


the adverbs from the following adjectives by adding suffix –ly. Translate them
into Russian:

Shaky, rosy, greedy, clumsy,
busy, pretty, happy, angry, shy, dry, complete, nervous, clever, absolute,
real, strange, free, uncomfortable, polite, careful, wonderful.

the brackets using adjective or adverb:

1. She speaks English (perfect / perfectly). 2. He speaks (perfect /
perfectly) English. 3. When I saw Emma for the last time, she looked (unhappy /
unhappily). 4. They got married and lived (happy / happily). 5. Dean bought a
new house and was very (happy / happily) about it. 6. Ann looked at me (sad /
sadly) and said that she had no money. 7. The news was (surprising /
surprisingly). 8. I’m (terrible / terribly) sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your
feelings. 9. He spoke so (quick / quickly), that I (hard / hardly) understood
what he wanted. 10. Kate is a (careful / carefully) driver. 11. I want to talk
to you (serious / seriously). 12. Nick has a (serious / seriously) problem. We
must help him.   

  • busy-занятый, pretty -симпатичная о девочке, happy-счастливый, shy-застенчивый, dry-влажный, complete-полный(ответ), nervous-нервный. clever -умный, absolute-абсолютный, real-реальный, strange-странный, free свободный, uncomfortable-не комфортный polite-вежливый. careful-осторожный, заботливый wonderful-красивый прекрасный
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