аая не понимаю вообще.Complete the phrases. Use:have to, had to, have/has, had. A:Tomorrow is Jane’s birthday. But I .not/buy a p

Помогите пожалуйстааа(я не понимаю вообще...

Complete the phrases.
Use:have to,had to,have/has,had.
1.  A:Tomorrow is Jane's birthday.But I ...(not/buy) a present for her yet.
     B:Well,what about a big box of chocolates?Jane ... a sweet tooth.I think she's be really happy to gat a present like that.
2.  Mum:Why are you still in bed,Steven?You ... (get up) half an hour ago.You'll be late for school.
     Steven:Oh,Mum,I don't feel very well.I ... a sore throat and a headache.
     Mum:That's terrible! You ... stay in bed.Try to go to sleep.I'll send for the doctor.
3.  Kate:Mum,when are we going to ... dinner?I'm very hungry.I was very busy and ... not ... lunch today.
     Mum:In twenty minutes.But first you ... wash your hands and set the table.
4.  Jessica: ... you ... any special rules at school?
     Alice:Nothing special.We respect others,wear a school uniform,do our homework and not be late for school.
5.  Jane:Mum,I ... not ... any homework for Thursday.Could I go to the cinema with Kate and Julia?
     Mum:Ok. ... a good time.But you ... come bake at 8.
     Jane:All right.


  • 1. hasn't bought( тут должен быть PP)
    2.got up ( тут должен быть PS, т.к. указание времени)
    had to
    3.have, haven't
    had to
    4.Have you got, наверное
    have a good time, had to